The Perfect Troops to Defend Your Clan Castle

What would you like to have in your castle of the clan if you ask your companions if they make a donation to you? I suppose you most likely want archers or a dragon, but, have you ever thought about why everyone wants archers?

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I would like to take a short tour of the advantages of the different troops in your clan castle to defend yourself and perhaps you will try some of the alternatives I present to you instead of asking for archers.


Don’t get me wrong, the archers are great at defending, but try something new if you want to take your game to a new level, and, why not start defending your castle’s troops?

Defense of the castle of the clan of the Town Hall level 7 or lower

Have you ever dealt with balloons? They are unpleasant if someone attacks almost without troops, for example without barbarians and Goblins; air damage can be caused. The problem is that not many people use the balloons for their attack, which is almost impossible to find someone in your clan to donate a balloon.


Another very interesting opportunity is to have Giants in your clan castle when someone is attacking – first of all you might think that this is pretty useless and a loss of troops, but as the Giants have a lot of health points, it will take a long time before they are eliminated by the attacking troops (unless the PEKKA are involved).

The idea behind this is that the attacker’s troops will always focus on the castle troops in the first place, and at the same time it takes a long time for the Giants to be removed from your defensive buildings, which could do a lot of damage to them. I personally had a little fun trying this.

Defense of the castle of the clan of the Town Hall level 8 to 10

Yes, the dragon is a very good unit for eliminating enemies in the clan’s castle, but it bothers me personally at times when everyone wants to have a dragon. I like Wizards because they have some solid spots and do a lot of damage. The best part is that they splatter as much damage as the movement of a Mages tower and can draw groups of archers very quickly.

In my opinion, the best thing you can have in your castle especially for defense in a Clan War is a dragon, a Wizard and complete these with archers.

A look at the troops defending the castle

– Archers are the standard defense of the castle troops (but very easily eliminated with lightning spells).

– The barbarians are harder to eliminate but slower and cause less damage – against useless air troops.

– Goblins are fast but can be easily annihilated.

– Balloons are slow and can be easily eliminated by henchmen, as they do not attack air troops.

– Wizards cause heavy damage, but they have a slow fire rate and are easily eliminated by the spread of archers.

– The dragons and the P.E.K.K.K.A. they probably don’t fit into your clan’s castle; they are the strongest defenders of the castle’s troops.

– The Minions are strong against ground troops, but they are also easily wiped out with a lightning spell.

– Valkyries are very strong and can kill entire groups, but they are not very common and easy to get.

And this is as far as we go; I hope you liked this different view of the defense you can make of your clan castle. Jump out of the box, think different, try it and… You’ll win in Clash of Clans!