How to Climb Sand in Clash Royale?

One of the most striking features of Clash Royale is that in this game it is not only possible to level up, but also to climb sand; however, to play in another arena or scenario you must accumulate a certain number of cups which are obtained through multiple victories.

It should be noted that the higher the level of the sand, the better the player’s chests will be rewarded inside, as even many of these chests have new cards inside, which are very useful in battle. Also, it is important to know that all these prizes are lost if you drop out of level after several defeats.

The player then automatically receives all the rewards he had earned in the previous arena. In this article, the number of cups needed to unlock each of the arenas is shown in detail, as well as the cards that the game provides when these scenarios are unlocked.

how-to-climb-sand-in-clash- royale

It is important to know that, at the time of a battle, you do not have all the cards you have in the game, so it is advisable to use a specific deck for each arena, and collect the most powerful cards to build a deck for the next arena, however, sometimes you may not have the necessary cards.

How to climb the sand in Clash Royale?

Arena 0

This is the first scenario used by Clash Royale players, also known as the Training Arena, as this is the starting scenario and no trophies are required to play in it.



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The cards that can be unlocked in this arena are: Archers, Bombardier, Arrows, Knight, Mini Pekka, Fireball, Musketeer, Prince, Baby Dragon and Witch.

Arena 1

Like the zero arena, it is not necessary to have won any cup to play in the Goblin Stadium, as it is the first sand available to play competitively, in this you can unlock very powerful cards such as: Goblins with spear, Goblins, Goblins Hut, Goblins Barrel, Walkyrie and Lightning.

The most recommended selection of cards for this arena are: Prince, Giant, Mini Pekka, Musketeer, Arches, Bombardier, Knight, and Arrows, remember that both the Giant and Mini Pekka are very fast cards, so they are ideal for surprising and causing great damage to any opponent.

Arena 2

The name of this arena is Pit of Bones, to access it is necessary to win a total of four hundred cups, among the cards that can be unlocked in this scenario are: Esbirros, Tower bombardera, Giant Skeleton, Globe, Skeleton and Gravestone, some of these cards are very powerful.

The most recommendable deck for this sand is a mixture of cards of arena zero and arena one; these are: Gravestone, Mini Pekka, Archers, Goblin Hut, Giant Skeleton, Arrows, Prince, Giant, Tower bombardera and Valkyrie. A very important recommendation for this arena is to use attacking buildings, since in this scenario tanks with enemies appear.

Arena 3

In order to unlock the fourth arena of Clash of Royale, it is necessary to have won a total of eight hundred cups before; this scenario is called Barbarian Coliseum and contains some of the strongest cards in the game such as: Canyon, Barbarian Hut, Barbarians, Rocket, Fury and Crossbow, most of which are of great help in the later sands.

To achieve success in this arena, a very versatile selection of cards must be put together, since multiple enemies appear in it, so it is recommended to use: Barbarians, Esbirros, Elves, Gravestone, Fireball, Minipekka, Prince, Giant, Cannon, Arrows, Barbarian Hut, Balloon, Lightning, Valkyrie and Archers.

In this arena, it is essential to make air strikes because it is one of the most effective ways to penetrate the defense of enemies, that is why the balloon and henchmen are present in the deck, because otherwise it will be virtually impossible to win a battle, as all opponents have a high level.

Arena 4

This arena is called the Fort of the P.E.K.K.K.A., in order to use it as a battle scenario the players must win 1,100 trophies, the cards that are dealt at this level are: Army of henchmen, Tesla Tower, Shiner Horde, Infernal Tower, Pekka, Infernal Dragon, Lava Hound and Freezing.


As in the past arena, the air attack is indispensable, so you must use a deck composed of: Horde of henchmen, Globe, Archers, Pekka, Gravestone, MiniPekka, Goblin Hut, Barbarians, Arrows, Fireball, Musketeer, Valkyrie, Montapuercos, Prince, Giant, Skeletons and Canyon.

It should be noted that each time a new arena is unblocked, the air battle will be much more demanding, so the air attack must be reinforced. This is why the Hierarch Horde and the Balloon should be used if you want to win in this scenario, and you can’t forget the fastest cards to have a balanced deck.

Arena 5

This Arena is called Spell Valley, to unlock it you need to win 1,400 trophies, in this scenario you will find some of the most useful cards of Clash Royale such as: Magician, Discharge, Fire Spirits, Oven, Poison, Ice Wizard, Cemetery and Mirror.

One of the most effective card selections for this arena includes; Mini Pekka, Freezing, Patchy, Baby Dragon, Knight, Arrows, Spear Goblins, Skeleton, Giant, Globe, Pekka, Pekka Legion, Tower of Tesla, Fireball, Archers, Valkyrie, Ice Wizard, Musketeer, Barbarian and Knight.

Although it is necessary to continue using air attack cards, it is also an excellent idea to add powerful and cheap cards, which can be used several times, the best of all is that some of these are very fast and effective as is the case of the Montapuercos, which are some of the most powerful cards.

Arena 6

The number of cups needed to play in this arena, Builder’s Workshop is one thousand seven hundred, in this arena are available a large number of cards to unlock, among them are: Collector, Mortar, Tornado, Golem, Trunk, Battle battering ram, Mining and Sparks, being one of the most varied sands in terms of cards.

The deck that must be used to face the opponents of the arena six, must be well balanced and have multiple attack alternatives to achieve better damage, so it is recommended to use: Montapuerco, Miner, Horde of henchmen, Hell Tower, Fireball, Discharge, Barbarians, Globe and Goblin Hut.

From this sand it becomes necessary to add the most powerful cards to the deck with which the enemies of this sand will face, so it is recommended to use ore decks to control them combined with air and ground attack cards such as the Shrapnel Horde, the Balloon and the Hell Tower.

Arena 7

The name of this arena is Royal Arena, it takes 2,000 glasses to reach it. Once you reach the arena seven the following are unlocked: Noble Giant, Elite Barbarians, Musketeer Trio, Mega Henchman, Dark Prince, Electric Wizard, Guardsmen and Princess.


For the deck in arena seven, it is recommended: Electric Wizard, Montapuercos, Elite Barbarians, Mega henchman, Ice Golem, Spirit of Ice, Fireball and Discharge.

As advice we can tell you that the electric magician is surely the best card in the game, although it doesn’t always come out fast. Elite barbarians are also highly recommended, they are very powerful although they had to be nerfed.

Arena 8

This arena is called Icy Peak, it takes 2,300 glasses to reach it. Once this sand is reached, the following cards are unlocked: Ice Golem, Ice Spirit, Woodcutter, Launcher and Clone.

For the deck in the arena eight, as you will almost have all the cards and will have played a lot, we recommend that you try the one you want and with the best ones that suit your way of playing.

Arena 9

This one is called Salvage Sand, and 2,600 cups are needed, but once it is reached, these cards are unlocked: Bandida, Duende Lanzadardos, Pandilla de Duendes and Verdugo.

We recommend the same as in the previous arena, for the deck, as you will have almost all the cards and will have played a lot, try with the ones you want and with those that best suit your way of playing.

Arena 10

The name of this arena is Montapuerco, and 3,000 cups are needed. The unlocked card is: Healing. When you get to this arena, there’s little more we can explain, at these levels you’ll have everything you need to do to build your best decks.

Arena 11

This is called the Legendary Sand, and it takes 3,800 cups. At this point, we say the same thing as the previous arena, little can we explain, you’ll be clear enough about what you need to do to build your best decks.

And so on, from this Arena 11, you can continue to unlock sands according to the cups you have, but no new cards will be unlocked, but you will only play against better opponents.

Now that you know how to unlock sands in Clash Royale, all you have left to do is… Throw yourself in the sand and fight!