The Best TH9 War Base and Farming Base Layout

As a player of Clash of Clans, I’m very sure your goal is to be the best and to have the best features in your game.

If that’s so then you probably need to consider having a solid base design for the layouts of TH9, more specifically the layouts that correspond to War Base and Farming Base.

You probably must have a lot of questions regarding which one is the best you can use, but the answer varies according what do you want to accomplish, that is why I’m gathering some of the bests here in this article, so you can select the one you prefer.


But first you have to know that all of these bases are up to date according the last update of CoC, so the layouts presented here are with the Bomb Tower.

The best War Base Layouts

You probably need a new war base design if you are planning to go to war, and you need to have the best strategy in order to win.


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When deciding what design to choose to your war base you have to focus not only in the offense but also in the defense. If you have a very good offensive strategy but your defense is very poor then you will surely lost.

Another important issue here is that some players do not have a difference between the Farming Base and the War Base, meaning that they have converted their Farming Base in the War Base.

This is not something good. You must have a very well defined War Base separated from the Farming Base, this way you can make both successful.

Approach: Your Town Hall gets taken

Considering this scenario, you then need to have a design that allows you to have a very strong base that is almost impossible to destroy.

And these 3 designs that can help you achieve that are the following:

Dead Zone TH9 War Base Layout

This is a classic dead zone base. What is that?

It is a type of design that will make you attacker to move to a determinate spot, particularly away from the core and the Town Hall.


It is considered as a very efficient design, since involves a type of funneling that will make your enemies to be redirected to a section where they will use all of their power to defend themselves. This way they will don’t have the enough strength to attack the rest of the base.

This type of base only gets beat by very skilled players, but that rarely happens so you will be very safe with this design.

Town Hall 9 War Base

In this type of design, the Town Hall it is non-centralized, and this will make the attacker to have a hard time when it comes to decide how and where to move in order to defeat you.


The compartments in this design will also cause a funneling that will direct the enemies away from the core.

It will be very difficult for the attacker to reach the Town Hall, specially if you have an excellent organization of the defenses like the areas with Air Defense, since you can attack your enemy’s troops with different waves of damages, causing them to separate.

Anti 3 Star TH9 War Base

This design doesn’t include a dead zone, like the previous one, but it can be used to atract the attackers to the Town Hall, but in reality you will attack them until they get weak enough so they cannot make a second attack with sufficiently strength.

If you place the traps and the Hidden Teslas you will for sure have a very strong base.


Farming Base Layouts

When deciding what Farming Base Layout to apply, you can consider what exactly do you want to protect, this will determine what type of design you can use.

For this you need to select your priority, and based on that then you will choose the design. In this article we present three types of designs according to a specific priority.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to have your Storages distributed equally around the base, this way your enemies will have it difficult when attacking you, because they will not know where to focus. Remember, your goal is to not get your resources easily stolen.

Resource Protection

With the layout of TH9 Farming Base with equal Resource Protection, your objective is to protect all the resources equally.


The attackers will try to access to your base, and they might see it like a weak base, but actually they will encounter the first line of defenses before reaching all the resources, since they will be placed within the second line.

The strategy here is that the resources might seem reachable for the attackers, but they are actually separated and protected against the Wall Breakers.

Core Protection

If your priority is to protect the core then you should consider the Gold and Dark Elixir Protection TH9 Farming Base.

gold and-dark-elixir-protection-th9

With this design you will have a ring that will protect the external part of the core by using double layer of Walls.

But also the Storages will be very well protected, so you don’t have to worry about them because you will have also available the all splash damage forces.

Dark Elixir Protection

And finally, if your goal is to protect the Dark Elixir then this design named Hardcore Dark Elixir protecting TH9 Farming Base is for you.


This is applicable if you want to protect your Dark Elixir by any cost, since it is practically impossible to access to the core of the base to get the Dark Elixir.

I hope this information will be useful for you when deciding what layout to apply.

You just have to remember that when it comes about choosing layouts, your approach and priorities will define most of the decision.