Clan Wars – The Definitive Guide

Let’s begin to explain the essential aspects of Clash of Clans, for this, i have brought you the first guide that i upload to this page, and is about Clan Wars. We will address your fundamental points, as well as answering common questions that everyone in our day made about this fantastic game.

Before i go any further, and i forget, i want to recommend you a game i’ve been trying out this weekend, Clash of Kings PC; it’s not that it’s Clash of Clans, but it’s pretty cool if you like strategy games. I encourage you to try it.

Let’s start with:


Essential Information

What is Clan War?

Clan Warfare is an optional fight your clan can start if you want to. It’s a long two-day fight between clans; where each participant attacks villages (also called bases of war in clan wars), twice, and the clan that gets the most stars, will win. With this you can get a lot of war bonds.

Note: When we speak of -base of war- we are not talking about the village or the village. The war base is your home on the war map, and the village is your home in the normal game. For example, your people are not locked up during the days of the battle, but your war base does.


You will not donate troops to the hospice villages during the day of preparation, you will donate troops to friendly bases of war. Neither will you defeat enemy villages in the war, but you will defeat enemies on the bases of war.

What happens to my village during a clan war? Will my village go to war or be insured?

The village is always safe from clan warfare attacks because clan wars are freed in an area other than normal play: the war zone. In the war zone, players prepare the attack and bases of war instead of their regular villages. The resources, trophies of your village and the shield are never at risk during a clan war.

Beginning of a Clan War

How can I start a clan war?

Leaders and co-leaders can send their clan to war by opening the clan war screen and pressing the «Start War» button. This will start the search for a rival clan, and you will be able to see the size of the clan war that has been accepted (eg 15 to 15). Clan warfare will start immediately after a rival clan has been found.

Can I participate in a clan war by joining a clan? Can I leave a clan while a clan war is unfolding?

To participate in a clan war, you must be part of a clan when a leader or colider presses the «Start War» button. If you join the clan after this point, you will become a spectator and will not be able to actively participate in clan warfare. After a leader or colíder presses the button «Start War», you are free to leave, join other clans and return to the clan to continue participating in the clan war.

Your war base will remain on the war map, even if you leave, so leaving a clan will not affect an ongoing war. However, you will not be able to participate in more than one clan war at a time.

If you leave a clan during your participation in a clan war, you will not be able to participate in any other clan war until the previous war is over. Other players will be able to see that you are still part of an unfinished war when reviewing your profile. You will be marked as ineligible for war until the previous clan war is over.

How are inactive members handled when a clan war begins?

Inactive members are treated in the same way as members active in clan wars. Even so, they may be the target of actions during the war, including receiving troops donated and being attacked by the enemy.

Inactive members still count toward the overall size of the team and their war bases will appear on the war map. However, inactive members will not use their attacks and will not receive any booty bonus.

Can i cancel a clan war?

Before finding a rival clan, you can cancel the search by pressing the «Cancel» button. However, after an opponent has been found, clan warfare can not be canceled. The preparation day starts immediately.


Pairing for clan wars

Can I choose a clan against which I want to have a clan war?

No. Clan wars are based on the strength of their members. Unlike multiplayer battles, trophies have no influence on your opponent’s determination in clan wars. After finding an enemy clan, the war begins immediately.

How is this force calculated? Can i see her somewhere?

Strength is based on each member’s attack power (troops, army field capability, spells and heroes) and defensive force (defense buildings, walls, traps and heroes). Different designs and designs of bases do not affect the force. The only way a member’s strength can be changed is if it upgrades its troops, defenses, spells, etc.

Both clans will always have the same number of bases of war in a clan war. Clan Wars pairings will only match clans of similar sizes, and some members (1-4 clans per clan), can be put into viewer mode when clans are paired to match the size of the clans.

Members in viewer mode will be those with the least trophy count in their clan (or those not eligible for war). 10 vs 10 members is the smallest possible team size for a clan war. Other possible team sizes are: 15 vs 15, 20 vs 20, 25 vs 25, 30 vs 30, 35 vs 35, 40 vs 40, 45 vs 45 and 50 vs 50.

The map of the war

What is this map?

It is a map of the war zone, where clan wars take place. Your clan will always be in the friendly territory on the left side of the map. The enemy clan will always be in enemy territory on the right side of the map.

You can press the arrow button at any time to see the other side of the map. Each city council on the war map represents a basis of war. When making use of a town hall, you can see more information about that player, as his completed attacks.

You can also explore, donate troops, or attack a war base from this menu. The actions you can take will change with each phase of the clan war.

The bases are ordered from greater to lesser force. The strongest bases of war are at the top of the war map. The trophies have no influence on the order of bases. Bases of war never need to have their traps rearm, reload defenses, or healed heroes, as they are always ready for battle.

The war base can not be directly updated or reorganized, but instead you can mimic the highest complete layout and upgrade levels of your village during the preparation day. Buildings and traps will never be «under construction» in your war base. The base of war is only for the defense in the wars of clans. All attacking armies must come from your normal people.

Day 1 – Preparation Day

This is the day when the clans prepare their defenses, gather information, and begin to make plans against the enemy clan. There are no attacks during the days of preparation, but it is a crucial moment in the development of a strategy to win the war.


There are three main activities during preparation day: reordering your war base, donating reinforcing troops to your clanmates, and exploring enemy bases of war.

How can I donate troops for my clan members in clan wars?

The clan castle in your war base is different from the clan castle in your village and must be filled separately. The troops donated to a base of war will be used to defend it against all the attacks during the day of the battle.

Unlike your regular people, there is no need to ask for troops for your war base. Instead, all bases of war are automatically open for donation of troops during the days of preparation. To make a donation, simply touch the base of war of a clan companion during the day of preparation and donates directly troops.

Remember, troops can not be donated to war bases during battle days.

Day 2 – Battle Day

This is the day that the clans attack, start the star score and … You walk towards victory! Bases of war can not be changed during the day of battle, so victory depends solely on having superior attack ability and sufficient coordination.

Pay close attention to how the war map is updated after each attack, and adjust your strategy as needed to try to maximize your clan stars. You can only attack 2 times during battle days, so each exploits each attack. Use the clan browser and chat to plan your attacks in advance. You can choose any opponent player for the attack, but be aware that you can not attack the same target with both attacks.

During battle days, you will always have a recommended target visible on the war map. The recommended target is based on the closest match for your strike force based on the defensive strength your opponents show.

The design of the base is not taken into account, however, nor is it your favorite attack style, so it is a good idea to also check a few bases above it and a few bases under it to see if you can find a goal that you like more.

What troops can I use to attack another Base of War?

Your attacking army must be trained and prepared in your village just as you would for a normal multiplayer attack.

It depends on whether you prefer to find a good target for the composition of your regular army, or if instead you want to train an unusual army to draw a specific base with a certain weakness.

Is my village blocked during this period? Am I going to lose resources if they attack me?

No. Your shields and your resources are saved. Booty can be obtained when an enemy is attacked. The war base is generated out of nowhere in the clan castle and only for clan wars.

End of the clan and booty war

Apart from the glory of victory, each participating member of the winning clan will immediately be awarded the full loot that accrues from their victorious attacks.


In addition, the clan will gain a new bright spot on their «Wars Won» table, visible from the clan description. If you do not win (loose), clan members lost, you will incur a heavy fine on your loot bonus.

What is the booty bonus?

Different bases are worth different amounts of loot bonus. The higher the defensive strength of the war base, the more booty bonus that will be worth, despite the advantage, is reduced if the base is many levels below your own.

You can see the amount of bonus you can loot an enemy by clicking on it on the map of the war during the days of battle.

Can I get the loot from the stores?

There is always a small amount of resources available in enemy wartime warehouses. This booty is delivered to your stores immediately, as with any other multiplayer attack. However, the amount of booty in these stores is fixed, and will always be much lower than the bonus for winning the war.

The booty that is available to the enemies in your war base does not come from your village, so your resources are safe.

And so far he is a guide on Clan Wars; i hope you have enjoyed it, and above all, it has helped you to understand and learn more about this part of the game.