Clan Wars – The Definitive Guide

Let’s begin to explain the essential aspects of Clash of Clans, for this, i have brought you the first guide that i upload to this page, and is about Clan Wars. We will address your fundamental points, as well as answering common questions that everyone in our day made about this fantastic game.

Before i go any further, and i forget, i want to recommend you a game i’ve been trying out this weekend, Clash of Kings PC; it’s not that it’s Clash of Clans, but it’s pretty cool if you like strategy games. I encourage you to try it.

Let’s start with:



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Cómo Atacar en Clash of Clans – Trucos y Estrategias

En Clash of Clans no es suficiente con defender bien nuestra aldea, si queremos ser grandes y triunfar tenemos que saber atacar. Para llegar muy lejos en el juego es fundamental buscar rivales para obtener la máxima cantidad de gemas posible y hacerles pasar un mal rato (siempre con deportividad 😉 ), en el tiempo que tenemos disponible para atacarlos.

Hoy nos gustaría darte algunos consejos, trucos y estrategias, que puedes seguir para triunfar en esos enfrentamientos, hoy vas a aprender cómo atacar en Clash of Clans.

Eso sí, si quieres conseguir el máximo oro posible, tendrás que ir primero a por los rivales más débiles, ese es el primer consejo que te damos.



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Download Clash of Kings for PC

Clash of Kings has been and is one of the games for mobile devices like smartphones or tablets that has collected more in the Google Play Store. From developer Elex Inc., this great strategy game was born; a war game in which you will fight to make an empire and control all the kingdoms.

If you go to the Google Play store, you will see that Clash of Kings is in the Top 10 of the games that have collected the most, that is, more revenue generated, exactly in the top5. But what is also a reality, is that its developers, Elex Inc, did not release a version for computers, which would become Clash of Kings for PC.

What you can do is play through your tablet or smartphone with Android or iOS operating system.



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