FHx Clash of Clans (Private Server) [Android] [No Root]

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Clash of Clans FHx server MOD with gold, gems and elixir unlimited.

Today we are going to talk about something very, very interesting, the FHx server, so … Attentive!


This .apk file is a private server for Clash of Clans. But attention is not the official game of CoC; this means that we can not log in to our social networks, but it does keep our progress.

Above, and best of all, it’s worth playing Clash of Clans unlimited, because its installation is very simple and does not require root (only available on Android).


You can also read this article in Spanish: FHx Clash of Clans (Servidor Privado) [Android] [No Root]

How does FHx Clash of Clans server work?

There are many servers that approve a restricted number of connected players at the same time, when the server fills up, it does not allow anyone else to enter, that is why sometimes it can take you a while to connect until you get access to the server.

There are different servers available to us, we can try for example some of the ones we link down a bit and if it takes too long to connect, you can uninstall and install another server.

All files can be installed on Android operating system from version 4.0 onwards.

* Note: Do not sign in to Google Play Games as there is an error.

Steps to install FHx server

1.- The first thing is to download the APK file that we will approve.

2.- Then install the .apk file and open Clash of Clans. We can only install the file. Apk if we have the “Allow installation of applications from unknown sources” option, which comes in the security settings of the Android system.

3.- We have to have a little patience to access the server, if it is not connected to the first, we retry it. If an .apk file does not connect, we can try one of the other options.

Servers for Clash of Clans FHx available

As you have seen, the installation steps are very simple, we do not need ROOT, and only available for Android.

1.- DSG Server: MOD of textures and graphics, elixir, gems and unlimited gold at the beginning.
Download Link: NewFHx (V8) -DSG.apk

2.- SG Server: MOD of simulation, gold, gems and unlimited elixir to the origin.
Download Link: NewUpdate (v8) FHxSGr.apk

3.- Server X: Full MOD. Create unlimited, gold, gems and unlimited elixir at the start.
Download Link: NewFHxO-X (v7) .apk

What do you think? What are you waiting for to download FHx?

FHx Clash of Clans (Private Server) [Android] [No Root]
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